Yes Bank Q4 results: Loss higher than expected of Rs 3787.75 crore


Yes Bank is very popular between the investors and especially between the retail investors because of its low share price. The inclusion in Nifty Next 50 index and MSCI index increases the volatility in the stock. In this article we look on the March 2021 Quarter result of Yes Bank. Also, we take a look on that whether it is good to invest in yes bank share or to avoid it. 

Yes Bank

Yes Bank Q4 Result:

Financial statement:

The below given table will give overall idea of financials of the Yes Bank for March, Quarter. 

Financial statements of Yes bank
Source: bseindia.com

First,we talk about  the banks income from operation i.e. income earned from interest which is Rs 3,98,925 crore which is approximately 23% declined from QOQ basis and YOY basis which is Rs 5,32,111 crore in December quarter and 5,22,134 in March, 2020.

The operating expenditure i.e. interest expenditure for this quarter is Rs 3,00,258 crore which is Rs 2,76,069 crore in December quarter and Rs 3,94,674 in March 2020.

The net profit from operation for the bank  before taxes and provisions for this quarter is Rs 18,488 crore which is increased from last year profit which is Rs 10,641 crore but declined from last quarter which is Rs 2,28,554 crore. 

The bank has made huge provisions for this period for Rs 5,23,529 crore which is almost half in last quarter of Rs 2,19,884 crore and nearly 36,000 crore less in March, 2020 of Rs 4,87,234 crore. The loss for the period is Rs (5,05,471) crore. 

The Tax expenses for the period is Rs  (1,26,696) crore which Rs 8,670 crore in last quarter. 

The final net profit  for the period is Rs (3,78,775) - loss which is Rs 15,071 crore in last quarter. 


The NPA's for the period is declined from Rs 2,954,654 crore in last quarter to Rs 2,860,953 crore, which is Rs 3,287,759 in last year.  Decreasing in the number of NPA's is a good sign for the future of the bank as bank suffer from financial crisis. 

CASA Ratio:

The deposits of the bank is grown by 11% on QOQ basis and 55% on YOY basis at 1,62,947 crore. The CASA ratio for the period is improved by 12.6% from Q3 results and 35% from last year results. 

Closing Thoughts:

The banks deposits are increasing on qoq basis and yoy basis but the income from interest is decreasing also interest expenditure for this period is increased which reduced the operating profit for this period. 

The bank has made huge provision for this period because of that bank have to suffer from loss. But, the NPA's of the bank is declining which is a good sign for yes bank. 

I think it is not a right time for entering in yes bank. We should wait for next results if the bank show the continuous profit than only we think to invest in it. 

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