Trident Q4 results: Net profit is risen by 90.51%

Trident Ltd
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From last week Trident had heated the market due to the upper circuits in share of more than 35%. The share price breaked out it's previous 52 week high of Rs 16.80 and touched to a new 52 week high of Rs 19.30. The reason for this rising is expectations of the investors. In this article we look on the Q4 results of Trident Ltd. and other points to reach a conclusion of weather it is good to buy the company's share or avoid it. 

Table Of Content:

Trident Limited-

1) About Business:

 Trident group was established in the year 1990 by Mr Rajinder Gupta. The company is continously growing and diversifying its business. The company operates in two major sectors textiles and paper manufacturing industries in Punjab. The company deals in both commercial and common use products such as bed and bath lines, drawing papers, high speed printing paper of different range. The company also operates in energy and chemical sector. The company has it recognition in more than 75 countries. Trident Ltd delivering high quality standards product with consumer satisfaction. 

2) Quarter 4 results:

The table given below gives the idea about the financial position of the company. 

Q4 results of Trident Ltd

The revenue  from operation of the company for this quarter is Rs 13,527.2 million which is more than qoq basis and yoy basis revenue. 

The expenses of the company for the quarter is Rs 12,258.1 million which is also more than qoq basis and yoy basis expenditure. 

The net profit of the company is Rs 756.3 million which is increased from yoy basis but decreased qoq basis. 

The EPS of the company is 0.15 which is 0.32 in last quarter and 0.08 in last year. 

3) Past Performance of share:

Past performance of Trident Ltd

The company have paid a decent return of 240.36% in last 5 years. 

4) Dividend:

Dividend is the strong point for the investors of Trident Ltd. company. The company paying a decent dividend to its investors every year. The given table can give a idea about that:

Ex date Type Dividend%
27 February, 2020 Interim        18
07 November, 2019 Interim          9
08 August, 2019 Interim            9
29 May, 2019 Final          6
24 January, 2019 Interim              12

The board of the company has recommended a final dividend of 36% i.e. Rs 0.36.

Closing Thought:

The company is continously growing its business in various sectors. The Q4 results of the company is decent as it incraesed compared to last year results but decreased as compared to last quarter results. But, in this global pendamic period company is making profit is increase the confidence of the investors. 

The company has a good fundamentals as it is a debt free stock. According to our point of you company is good for investment prospects. 

If you have any questions ask me in comment box. We answer it as soon as possible. 

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